Lo-Fi Beats from Santa Cruz, CA



Asari is a Hip Hop/Jazz collective from Santa Cruz, California formed in 2018 featuring Ravi Lamb on Guitar, Shahya Khodadadio on Bass, Andrew Hawes on Drums and Will Henry Dias on Keys. The group often features vocalists and other instrumentalists.

"With influences such as Robert Glasper, Hiatus Kaiyote, and J Dilla, Asari have a kind of cool duality best played on a summer afternoon under a warm orange sherbet sun, or as the soundtrack that revamps the piano bar into something fresh, something elevated, something hip. Their music brings a lo-fi aesthetic to a live setting that is headnodic and confident in its soup of hip hop and jazz. With the versatility to swoon the room-- where the lavish ornaments allow for the spaces in conversation-- or bring a raucous to the dance floor, Asari's music has breadth and their impassioned approach to it all is a pleasure to sink into."  - Galdino "Nano"  Guijosa